Quality control is a primary focus of Allstate Steel. Our team includes our Quality Control Managers Jerry Wiley and Dan Darcey. Both gentlemen oversee all of the quality control and improvement functions. Jerry has been an AWS certified welding inspector (CWI) since 2003, and has been working in the structural steel fabrication industry since 1992. He is also certified as a Level III Coatings Inspector, a distinction he earned from the National Association of Coatings Engineers four years in a row. Dan has been an AWS certified welding inspector (CWI) since 1998. He also holds certifications for Level III Coatings Inspector by The National Association of Corrosion Engineers and Magnetic Particle NDT Level II. Additionally, each member of the project team is committed to quality steel fabrication and is trained using our written shop practices and procedures, which are kept up-to-date to coincide with the latest requirements of AISC.

It is our policy to guarantee that all products meet or exceed the quality standards required of an AISC certified shop. This commitment, along with the requirements set forth in the contract documents, ensures our customers are getting the best product available. The AISC requirements for a steel fabrication shop sets the tolerance parameters to 1/16 of an inch. However, with the most current state of the art fully automated machinery located at Allstate Steel’s facility, tolerances as minimal as 1/64 of an inch can be obtained. This shows just how precise we calibrate our machinery on a daily bases.

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