Detailing is a key factor in what makes a project successful in both pivotal phases, fabrication and erection. Here at Allstate Steel, we make sure that our detailing process has specific guidelines and standards so that we can execute a project on time and within budget.

Detailers are chosen to detail specific jobs according to the level of knowledge, experience, and past success that we feel is required to perform the task, with minimal to no mistakes. All of our detailers go through a stringent review process in which we decide if they are capable of meeting the required quality and guidelines.

Allstate Steel follows all contract plans and specifications without deviation. Allstate Steel has standard AISC connections/details that are utilized when specific sections are not shown on the contract plans. These details are suggested through an approval process and later implemented after written approval is received from the design team. All of our Detailers are required to 3-D model every project using either SDS/2 or Tekla with capabilities of implementing BIM if required.

Here at Allstate Steel when it comes to our customer’s projects, we pride ourselves on quality and schedule execution. As a fabricator that has been in the business for over 50 years, we know that the success of a project starts with the detailing of the drawings that will later be used to fabricate and erect the structure. Therefore, when it comes to detailing, we invest in the resources needed to assure that it’s done correctly the first time.

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